Stainless Exhaust Systems for CS/CSi/CSL

Regular price $2,500.00

This is an item that has been needed for a while. Until now, the only available systems were from Europe and designed for the 2800. Aside from a weak and tepid exhaust note, they are too small for a lusty 3.0 or modified 3.5 CS coupe. These new systems were designed by my shop and custom fabricated to perfectly fit the coupe. After numerous road miles and analysis, we’ve hit the right combination for sound and function, and aesthetics.

Street and performance options are available with a header as shown elsewhere on the page. New systems use slightly different mounting points, a larger center and back can, and a polished SS tip to finish the thing off. The Pics of the mounting system are of a system before being polished. The pics of the system on the bench are of the finished product. 8/10 Ever improving the product, our new systems offer an adjustable exhaust note, mild or wild, by use of an insertable ‘carrot’. We also have a new ‘rolled tip’ that perfectly mimics the OEM exhaust look.

The system comes in 3 variants

  • Stock // using the factory 3.0 triangle manifold.
  • B3.5 // using the late style B35 bigger manifolds and larger downpipe / with and without coated manifolds provided.
  • Headers // our custom mid-length headers are 1.5″, taking cues from Hartge and period Alpina designs.

They are also available for special order in 1 & 5/8 if you have a stroker or very hot M30